“Helping you understand how people work”

The Management Mechanic

It’s all about people...

You probably know a lot about your business or organisation and about the sector in which you work, but what about the people?
How well do you understand your colleagues and employees?
How well do you understand your customers?
How well do you understand yourself?
The answers to these questions can have a major impact on your effectiveness at work.
Understanding how people think and communicate is at the heart of what I do. I don’t profess to know your business better than you, but I can guarantee that I will look at it from a different perspective and share some enlightening insights with you.

Colin Barber

Colin Barber is ‘The Management Mechanic’, ‘helping you understand how people work’. Colin is a Business Consultant, Trainer and Coach, specialising in the application of NLP and Psychology in the Business World.
 His objective is to increase your understanding of how people work - ‘Why do people do what they do? What causes them to make the decisions they make?’


Many more people are now becoming aware of N.L.P. and its potential. As a result it has developed from being a little known specialist subject to become widely recognised in the workplace.
Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, as it is more commonly known, is the study of how you process your thoughts, and how you communicate those thoughts with yourself and with other people

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