“Helping you understand how people work”


A clear understanding of how people work is crucial for the success of any business. This can be relevant in a variety of situations. The services of The Management Mechanic can be applied in 3 distinct areas – understanding your employees, understanding your clients and understanding yourself.

Employees - Recruitment & Development

Your employees are at the heart of your business, so it is essential to know and understand each member of your team and to know what to look for when selecting your team.
How can The Management Mechanic help?

Recruiting the wrong person can be an expensive and costly process. The two keys to successful recruitment are:
- Knowing exactly the type of person you want
- Having the ability to distinguish that person from several other candidates in a short space of time.
By asking the right questions and using a range of verbal and non-verbal skills I am able to profile and assess candidates for you quickly and effectively. Group recruitment events can be an efficient and effective way of evaluating candidates, particularly if you want to assess how candidates interact with each other in a real time environment.

You may have concerns about certain members of your team, or maybe you think that certain people are not being utilised to their full potential. I can provide a variety of solutions, which will increase your awareness and understanding of your employees and the contribution they can make to your business.

The next step after evaluating your team is developing them, which is at the heart of The Management Mechanic’s work. It might be some One to One coaching or a structured Training Programme, whatever the solutions you can be sure it will be tailored to your needs.

Your Clients - Retention and Growth

What are your clients’ needs? What do they want from you? Why do they buy from you? How do you find new customers?
How can The Management Mechanic help?

Relationship Research
What sort of relationship do you have with your clients? Would they tell you if they were not happy, or would they just go elsewhere? As a neutral and impartial intermediary I can conduct searching interviews with your clients and feedback their comments, together with recommendations for future actions.

Consumer Focus Groups
How well do you know your end consumers? Are you providing them with what they want? Do they know what they want? Focus Groups are a simple and effective means of getting consumers to reveal what influences their buying decisions. It’s not just about asking them questions; it is also about observing them and seeing how they re-act to certain stimuli.

Marketing Consultancy
In order to develop your customer base, you need to know what you can offer to potential customers and how to market it to them. The Management Mechanic will help you gain a greater understanding of your potential customers and how to attract them.

Sales Training
There are numerous Sales training programmes available, but it is important that your sales team reflect your company culture and that they understand how to match the uniqueness of your company to the needs of existing and potential clients

Your Self - Personal Development and Growth

What unique skills and qualities do you have? What motivates you? What makes you successful? What stops you from achieving your goals?
How can The Management Mechanic help?

One to One Coaching and Consultancy
One to One Coaching with The Management Mechanic is totally results orientated and focuses on the future, not on the past. As your coach, I will not give you the answers; my objective is to enable you to access the answers from within yourself. By helping you find the answers for yourself and making your own decisions about what route to take, you will feel a lot more committed to following that route.

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